For the sake of customers, for the prosperity of the company and the benefits of employees.

By providing high quality products, the best services are the way that IMTEK Trading and Service Co., Ltd. we want to meet the highest interests for our customers.

We understand that this will bring prosperity to IMTEK, thereby increasing the benefits for employees throughout the company. To achieve this goal, we always set strict requirements for ourselves in applying scientific and technical achievements to management as well as improving the quality and design of products and techniques. Technical and sales services of the company.


IMTEK always grows with customers, is a trusted friend and partner.

We are constantly striving to understand, listen and meet the needs of our customers to provide the most perfect services, the best quality products, high safety features with new technologies in reasonable cost.

IMTEK always attaches great importance to improvement to improve product quality, considering it as the Company’s survival as well as the application of ISO 9001: 2008 management method in work.


Dynamic and creative staff with high professional qualifications.

When coming to IMTEK, customers will work with a team of young, enthusiastic, highly qualified, profound professionals, fully meeting the professional ethical qualities. Always listen to customers – meet the requirements of production and business activities in the market of Vietnamese electrical equipment.

We always value the education and training of our employees so that they can truly become the core force in the process of construction and development of the Company. With the youthful enthusiasm, creative ability and professional working style and solid professional qualifications, our staff are working together to build a very own brand – IMTEK brand – one IMTEK culture features.